This abstract painting shows a woman standing in front of a water pitcher.

The painting embodies the artist’s metonym in domestic themes, giving an almost curious impression into the hidden life of a woman before she presents her public face to society.

This art piece displays balance by a rectangle that devises an impressive figure of the woman’s enigmatic beauty.

In this art piece lady stands upon a blue and red material with a whitish-grey cloth on her body is a closely related group painted in the beginning to mid-1660s as the artist was not using direct perspective and geometric order, and the light was his only source of emphasis.

The work insinuates the combination of fresh and bright color background and the effect of light color combination of the lady cloth to enhance the beauty of the art with an instance of the blue and red drape pitcher with an elegant lid.

The interplay of different colors and the way that light operates upon them completely reflective whilst others being partially clear, allows the artist to fully illustrate his spiked sense of light, place, and tone in the painted frame.

Young Woman with a Water Pitcher is a visionary painting of a woman in an ideal home with an ideal life. The water pitcher is recognized as the traditional emblem of simplicity to bring out the beauty in the most mundane features of daily life.