Few Named Artists

Fauzia Khan
Abstract Artist

Fauzia Khan is an artist of various disciplines. She is known as Landscape artist. Her first series is called “Roots”.

Derya Avci
Abstract Artist

Artist from Turkey who makes acrylic and water colour paintings.

Akbar Khan
Painter and Sculpture Artist

Akbar Khan makes paintings usually villages and also makes unique sculptures.


Mahnush makes good arts and depicts nature.

Makhdoom Sadiq Khan

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Date of Birth: – 1st January 1976 I need to sell paintings and can work on commissions.

Darpan Artist

Mohammed Akram Spaul

Akram Spaul is a prolific artist with multiple exhibitions to his credit. His subject is the ordinary, the lives and surroundings of middle and lower classes. His work is detailed and focused on accuracy in representation. He has been termed a ‘super realist’ and ‘partial surrealist’. Akram has exhibited locally and internationally over the span of his career.
Akram has also expanded his practice to calligraphic painting and has received the Sadequain Award in 1996 and 2013 for his calligraphic work..

Ahmed Parvez

This Gallery was established 50 years ago. Initially it was named after A. R. Faridi, but after 30 years the Governing Body decided that the Art Gallery should be named after a great Pakistani artist. Though A. R. Faridi served the Arts Council, he was a beasuerate??, not an artist. Therefore the Governing Body eventually named the Gallery after Ahmed Pervaiz, one of the great Pakistani Masters..

Tariq Javed

A prolific artist with an individual style, Tariq Javed enjoys painting complex scenes with figures and a profusion of decorative elements. Over the years he has gone from realism to abstract and non-objective phases in his work. He works in a modern style, incorporating his various styles, including abstract elements and embellishments of our culture. His forte is the figure and calligraphy.

Tariq Javed’s vast portfolio also includes printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. He is one of the few ceramists in Karachi who has established a centre to teach the art of ceramics..

Nisar Ahmed

Nisar Ahmed is a painter with a portfolio consisting of figurative work..

Akbar Khan

Akbar Khan mostly works with sculpture and feels that sculpture artwork can and should be promoted in Pakistan.

Waheeda Baloch

My work is the reflection of what I read and write, it is also a record of my reaction to the environment I live in. Most of my work is documentation-based; I am not limited to one medium, various mediums automatically become a part of my work.”.

Other Artists and Building:

Shaista Momin
Shan amrohawi
Waheed jee
Naish Rafi
Akbar Khan
Makhdoom Sadiq
Nisar Ahmed
Zahid hasan
Tariq javed
Amir Jameel
Pervez Rana
Akram Spaul